Monday, June 22, 2009

Tough choices for a mum in New York

We have made amazing strides with reproductive rights for women in the United States.

In New York State, if a woman leaves a baby at a police station or a hospital within 5 days of giving birth, she will not face criminal charges.

Last evening, a desperate new mother left her newborn baby in an apartment building in Hempstead New York. I cannot begin to comprehend what she must have been feeling, leaving her precious baby behind for strangers to take care of.

I am not going to second guess this poor woman - she is going to spend her life beating herself up over this one.

It is sad that she felt she had no other choice but this, and even sadder that she will now be hunted and face charges for her "crime" - maybe she has had a bad experience with authority figures, maybe even been arrested - we all know that police stations and hospitals are equipped with security cameras.

I pray for her and her wellbeing - I hope that she can dodge this bullet - she has suffered enough.

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