Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unions seek bigger role in charter schools

I was a parent volunteer for years when my 3 sons were younger. I also taught preschool in Kentucky for two years. As a former educator and school volunteer, education reform has been close to my heart for a very long time. I was blessed to attend St. Luke's - a wonderful parochial school in London - I then attended a private girls' school: Silverthorne. My education made me the person I am today. While I have yet to complete my college education, (I was busy being a full time mum to my 3 sons at the time and then was a single parent raising 3 sons for 10 years) and taught preschool while their dad went to college, I know that a strong foundation in life begins with a good education. My children were blessed to attend a private preschool and my oldest continued in that tradition up until 1st grade.

Charter schools offer parents choices. Schools of choice are a crucial component in parenting of children who learn in a non-traditional way. I have one, perhaps two of those in my 4 sons. Two of them went to alternative high schools and one has since graduated and will attend University in the fall. The other will obtain his GED, a few years later than he should have - keep up the great work, Kyle. Kyle is 21 and is presently reading some 2-4 books a week in order to keep his mind sharp.

I am not against unions, as I have stated previously. I am against the unrighteous dominion that permeates them at times.

An AP story this morning indicates that unions here in New York are seeking a bigger role in charter schools. My question is: Do they seek to improve working conditions of teachers in those schools or are they merely looking for exhorbitant and arbitrary union dues?

Read the story and judge for yourself: http://news.aol.com/article/unions-seek-bigger-role-in-charter/538223

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