Sunday, June 14, 2009

Upheaval in Tehran

I had truly hoped and even prayed for a change to come to the Iranian people. They have been ready to be freed from the tyranny of their ruthless leader for a long time. The outcome in this election is eerily reminiscent of GW Bush's stealing the election in Florida in recent years. The parallels of our recent election, with heavy use of texting and other electronic means is interesting.

Thousands of Iranians and their supporters took to the streets of Manhattan yesterday to protest- I would have been among them had I known it was taking place. Sometimes I feel that there are just too many causes and too little time.

I pray that the people of Iran will prevail and that the will of the people will be upheld. I have no solution for same, but truly believe in the power of the people.

There are enough expatriots from Iran/Persia in the US to put pressure on the UN and their politial leaders to get this done.

I wish them all God speed.

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