Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Utah vs. Minnesota, Romney, Huntsman and Pawlenty

They are rising stars in the Republican party.

Tim Pawlenty has just announced that he will not seek a third term as Minnesota's Governor. John Huntsman won a second term as Utah's Governor in a landslide and was recently tapped by Obama to be his ambassador to China and Romney managed one term as governor of Massachusetts. What they all have in common is my prediction that they will play heavily in the next primaries as in - be on the Republican Presidential ticket.

The Republican party is desperately trying to remake their image - with the exception of Romney, these men are moderate, even liberal, by conservative Republican standards. If they are to have even a remote chance at defeating Obama in 2012, they will have to come closer to the center, left even. America has shifted in it's beliefs and demographics. No more will we tolerate ultra conservatives like Bush, who had been a compassionate conservative prior to entering the White House.

Interesting to note, both Romney and Huntsman are devout Mormons and while Huntsman supports civil unions, Romney is more conservative in his approach.

I am anxious for the next election cycle - I think these men are worth watching.

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