Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rainbows, Yankee games, date night with Donald and his wife

I was called a rainbow today by someone for whom I care greatly - it made my day. I suppose the fact that I am in love makes me more aware of couples these days.

As I made my way to the subway after bidding my friend "adieu", I reflected on how far we have come in our relationship in the almost two years we have been "not" seeing each other. I was on the subway, lost in my thoughts and not really doing my customary people watching as I was so preoccupied with having been called a rainbow - I was feeling really good about myself.

Shaken from my reverie, I noted an attractive all-American blonde couple board the train somewhere between Union Square and Grand Central. They were laughing and got separated from another couple during the melee that permeates the subway on days when the Yankees are playing. (During my brief interview, I learned that the four are friends and that while the other couple is dating, they are not married - yet).

I watched them almost envious, and then I remembered my farewell with my friend. They were very much in love - it was obvious that they were either newlyweds or had been married for a very long time. They teased each other in that intimate way that makes one feel amost like a voyeur when one observes it in public - it was so very tender and made me miss my friend almost painfully, though we had parted only minutes before. He teased her and patted her on the bum - she told him she was a married woman - he said in that case he would do it again - and so it went.....

Finally, I just had to ask them - I had to know how long they had been married. Donald introduced me to his wife of seven years - (forgive me, I do not recall her name and I neglected to pull out my always-handy notebook until after they had exited the train) - they have had 3 children during that time - it is her second marriage and his first - she had a first marriage in her young twenties - just like I did - he had never married and married her "later in life" she said.

They had visited Utah and we chatted briefly about my political work there. We spoke of my former boss, the mayor of Salt Lake City and his partnership with Governor Huntsman to get rid of private clubs and loosen alcohol laws - Donald's boyish looks reminded me of the handsome former Governor, Jon Huntsman - I told him so. I asked them how often they had "date night" - they told me they did so very often. They go skiing together, go to Yankees games together, live in New York City and seem to have a wonderful life.

I wish I had had the time to interview them properly for this story - I gave them my card so with any luck, they will email me with the name of the wife - apologies again - and maybe I can add some more to this post.

In conclusion, I was thrilled to be called a rainbow by this man whom I love so deeply, but to see this couple so obviously in love really made my day - not just for me, but for all the couples out there.

Statistically, this second marriage will be harder for her to maintain - this is his first and we know what those odds are - in their case, they are planning to stay married - they are spending time getting to know each other on a regular basis and know each other very intimately - I can tell.

Donald is one lucky guy and his wife is a lucky girl.....I hope they will write or call and maybe we can have a glass of wine at the Metropolitan Museum some Friday night during the classical music concerts that are so hugely popular among couples and friends alike. A double date, maybe?

Love really is forever.

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