Monday, August 31, 2009

Villagiano Italiano - girls just want to have fun or wine, pizza and the US Open

The aforementioned is my local pizza eatery in Hartsdale. In fact, it was one of the first places I sought out when I moved here almost two years ago. I visited all of the locally owned stores and shoppes, and interviewed all of the owners, from tailors to dry cleaners, cheese shops and my favorite interviewee - Kat from Giangemi Tailors. I was hoping to create a "Local First" group here. That project has now been taken over by some interns in the amazing Paul Feiner, as in, Greenburgh Town Supervisor's office. Paul Feiner is an absolute genius and along with Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy has served several terms and should be the exception for term limits.

Fast forward two years almost and I was in that eatery ordering pizza for dinner, having driven my mum's car to pick it up. I don't get to drive frequently as I don't have a car these days The bus and subway can get me pretty much anywhere I need to go and if not, I rent a car with a friend. It works

I don't eat pizza often as I have lost 50 pounds and am trying to be healthy. I saw two friends engaged in conversation. One of the women had a beautiful purse. I had to compliment her on it. Turns out it came from a local store - we traded stories about deals we had gotten and I told her to check out Kat at Giangemi custom tailors. As fate would have it, she already knows Kat and has been to some sort of purse trade shows with her. Girls just want to have fun and fun was had last night by us all for a few minutes in Villagiano Italiano - Ciao.

I came home and we watched the US Open women's match where we watched Venus kick butt, wounded knee notwithstanding. We munched on the delicious pizza and drank Pinot Grigio from another local wine store (I love local stores) and rounded out the evening watching a couple of episodes of Scrubs from season 8. I love my son and my family.

I am blessed indeed.

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