Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cafe Angelique in the village and a day in Manhattan

I love the village. It is quirky, funky, quintessentially New York and hip with great coffee places, boutiques et al. It is my favorite place to hang out in the city after the museums, that is.

Yesterday, I was there with my sweetie after a quick trip to the Metropolitan. It was a busy day - I had business to attend to and my consulting firm is finally picking up steam. I just added a new partner who is based in California - her name is Andrea Moore Emmett, author of the amazing God's Brothel - a story about polygamy, published in Ms. Magazine, participant in Bridging the Religious Divide - former NOW President - her bio is amazing and I can't believe we are friends. She is remarkable.

I met a phenomenal woman. She was in Cafe Angelique and is expecting her second baby boy - she looked absolutely radiant! I told her so as I noted the beautiful flowing orange shirt she wore over her beautiful bulging tummy. She has just one month left until her delivery and is in her 40's. Her name is Jennifer. She is married 11 years to her soul mate and her face lights up when she speaks of him - I am not generally cynical, but can be about love. Now that I have found my life partner and soul mate, I am less cynical.

Kevin gets me in a way no other man has before him - he is there for me through it all - ups and downs, a cheerleader, someone who wants to see me succeed and who gives me space, time and room to breathe. He is a breath of fresh air and I thank God I found him. After all I have gone through in life, even my horrible divorce and the coming out of my former husband that precipitated it, after my highs and lows, unemployment and underemployment, he continues to be there for me. He is absolutely not like my former husband in any way, except for the Irish roots. When Kevin is gone from me for more than a few days, I can't breathe - that's how much I love him.

Jennifer would like me to meet her soul mate and husband and I hope I do. I also want to go on a double date to the Met some Friday night to listen to the concerts - our first date almost two years ago. We have built a strong foundation for this relationship and no matter what, I promise to love him forever......come what may.

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