Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drama at the US Open

The Williams sisters have dominated womens' tennis for the last several years.

Last evening, Serena had a meltdown. Frustrated and upset, she threatened one of the linesmen after a call was made out of her favor. It was not just that the call was against her - it cost her the match point.

Serena has been playing tennis since she was a tot. I recall reading about her and Venus in Time magazine and other prriodicals. Their Father insisted that they not participate in professional tennis until they were of an appropriate age - would that more sporting parents felt that way.

I digress. I did not see the match last evening - I was out shopping with my mom and best friend. Indeed, given the recent rain and my school schedule, I have not seen much of the US Open this year at all.

Last evening, we surfed back and forth between channels and could not find the game. In the wee hours of the morning, I got the news on my mobile device: Serena had lost the match after having "threatened" a referee.

In the light of morning, I discussed this rationally with my mother. Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, and others have been the proverbial "bad boys" of tennis. Women tend to be more ladylike.

Let us not forget that it is due to the Williams sisters that women earn the same amount of monies for grand slam tournaments as men do. Let us not forget that they are amazing players who have given the US and indeed the world, some remarkable playing time. They are human with weaknesses and foibles.

I say let's give her a break and cut her some slack.

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