Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old World Barber Shop in Hartsdale

I have spent many happy hours in barber shops. Being the mother of 4 boys, when we could afford haircuts, spending time hanging out with men was obligatory and a part of their upbringing.

My favorite barber shop was next to the shop where I got my hair done in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adjacent to TLC Elegante was the place where the Utah Jazz players got their hair cut regularly. I would sneak furtive glances at the hot guys while awaiting my boys as they got their hair "faded."

There is a new barber shop in the town in which I presently reside. The Old World Barber Shop is family owner and the owner is Michelle. She and her husband are 100% Italian, having immigrated to the States in 1971. The store opened in August and they have had around 30 customers to date.

The family went to San Diego for a while but didn't like it - they missed the seasons and returned to NY.

Their original shop was in Dobbs Ferry and they sold it when they moved to California.

Now they are hitching their star to Hartsdale in a spot that was previously a barber shop - a very successful one at that. They hope to make it and I hope that they do to.

Do me a favor - skip Fantastic Sam's and try Old World - you will be pleasantly surprised. One is always surprised at locally owned businesses, after all.

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