Saturday, September 5, 2009

White House advisor Van Jones resigns

This is most unfortunate news to receive in the middle of the night.

Van Jones has been a pivotal voice in green policies for years. He has been extolled from Valerie Jarrett to President Obama and everyone else inbetween.

Republicans, frustrated and still not quite getting the fact that they LOST the election - are acting out with sour grapes. They dug deep and found a signature of Van Jones on a petition regarding the previous administration's dealings and possible collusion with 9-11. Additionally, they found a clip of him "talking trash" about President Bush and using unflattering profanities to describe both him and the Republican party.

It is unfortunate that this amazing individual has been so villified, and even polarized and used as a catalyst to deflect the nation's attention from the pressing issue of healthcare to his poor choice of words - frankly, I have used profanities when referring to the Bush-Cheney administration and their poor choices.

Farewell Van - you will be missed.

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