Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bill Cosby redux

Bill Cosby has been known for years as the one to take on African Americans for their self-imposed ills. That would be the 50% who live in public housing and are unemployed/underemployed and living on various forms of public assistance.

He recently spoke at an event and wept tears and admonished parents to show up when the teacher calls from school - he told them to turn off the rap music, to teach men that women should be cherished, not raped or demeaned. Our young men should not be in prisons in inordinately high numbers.

I concur with all that has been said - Bill Cosby should not feel the need to apologize for being so outspoken - what he has to say needs to be said and should be repeated over and over until we get it as a race. The crowd of some 1,000 attendees gave him a standing rousing ovation and clearly agrees with him.

I have - will you?

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