Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Michigan Governor tells Schwarzenegger she will take his prisoners

Jennifer Granholm is the Governor of Michigan - she is also a Democrat.

So much for family values, progressive ideas and social justice. She was an attorney general prior to taking over the Governor's position, but I am disappointed in her latest efforts to rid California prisons of their excessive prisoners and move them to Michigan.

I do not claim to know what the answer is in this instance, but I do know that families of incarcerated victims suffer needlessly - to move them thousands of miles away just to satisfy justice seems to be cruel and unusual punishment.

According to an article in Slate Magazine today, Ms. Granholm has contacted Governor Schwarzenegger and is going to have Michigan follow the likes of Oklahoma and Tennessee in taking inmates from California to ensure that these inmates have a place to land.

This does not bode well - can we not parole these individuals, assuming they are not guilty of violent crimes? Can we put them on work release? There have to be other solutions - anyone out there have any ideas?

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