Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miranda rights for all?

I was saddened to read lately of the December 25th Northwest flight alleged terrorist and the subsequent events surrounding his arrest and questioning. It seems his Miranda rights were violated. He had initially been "cooperating" with authorities, but the Obama administration has stepped in according to reports to ensure that his rights have not been violated.

Terrorists are a despicable sort and I do not support or advocate terrorism in any way, shape or form. I could not condone same, based on having lived under the IRA and RAF and their terrorism attacks during the 80's in Europe. I know firsthand of the fear that comes from living under the cloud of waiting for the next bomb blast.

I am, however deeply concerned that there are those who believe that terrorists do not deserve the same fundamental rights that we Americans are entitled to. If they are being held to our legal code, then it follows that the same rights be afforded them as well.

We should never assume to think that even the most cowardly act of terrorism is a justification for abusing or denying a person their basic civil rights as guaranteed by our constitution. In the America I know and love, we give equal rights to all.

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