Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Al and Tipper - the end of a love story

I was shocked - truly shocked when I read the news of their separation and impending divorce yesterday.

After 40 years of marriage, they are calling it quits. I have long admired this power couple. From Tipper's work to have CD's labeled with explicit lyrics for parental guidance to Al's work on environmental issues. As one who struggles with Bipolar and depression, Tipper's candid opening up about her struggle with depression after the near death of their son was a source of strength to me as I worked through my depressive episodes.

Watching that amazing infamous kiss on the night of the Democratic national convention a few years ago - that is not a love that can be faked. I watched as Al saw the Presidency slip from his fingers due to the shenanigans in Florida thanks to Jeb Bush and his cohorts who were determined to see his brother George Jr. re-elected. I watched as they graciously admitted defeat and worked to rebuild their lives post Washington.

I am sure that they thought long and hard before calling it quits. I hope that they will forge ahead and create new lives separate from each other.

They have asked for privacy for themselves and their family at this difficult time. I hope that we will be as gracious to them as they have been to us, allowing us to see so much of their private lives these past few years.

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