Monday, June 7, 2010

Co-Op City sanitation workers on strike

It is absolutely incredulous to me that in the midst of this, the worst financial crisis and economic downturn we have seen in decades, a group of employees at Co-Op City has the nerve to be on strike.

I recall President Reagan and his dismissal of hundreds of air traffic controllers years ago - they, too went on strike, thinking that they were invincible and that their jobs would always be there - he did not allow himself to be blackmailed and fired the lot of them.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg took matters in his own hands last week and shocked unions all over the state when he said that there would be no pay raises forthcoming to NYC teachers, thereby sparing some 4,000 jobs of other teachers in the district.

I hope that he will step into the fray of the Co-Op city strike and fire them - there are many people who would gladly take union jobs with union wages and making significantly more monies than minimum wage, particularly given that many of the Co-Op City workers come from housing projects. This is a time for sacrifice - we all need to do our part - shared sacrifice is what we need at this time, not selfishness.

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