Wednesday, June 2, 2010

David Laws - his resignation and the story behind the story

It appeared to be just one more story about the poor choices of yet another British cabinet official. The stories have been playing out in recent months, mostly over monies spent on second homes which entitles ministers to subsidies and/or reimbursements from the government.

David Laws received some $40,000 to pay to his landlord who also happened to be his gay lover. Unfortunately we will never know how brilliant this man might have been - he seemed to have the world at his feet and could have potentially been an amazing public servant.

Due to the ignorance that permeates our society regarding gay relationships and gays in general, he felt obligated to keep hidden the fact that he has a partner - were the roles reversed and this were a heterosexual couple renting a place together that would likely have been a moot point.

I wonder if anyone in the GLBT community in England is up in arms about this. I would be curious if any of my readers know. I have people from Europe who occasionally check in to my blog - perhaps one of them can enlighten me.

In the meantime, I am glad I live in America where GLBT rights are becoming more and more prevalent - in this day of the repeal of DADT and passing of anti discrimination laws and protections for gays in many states of the nation, I am encouraged.

Farewell David - you will be missed. Don't ever feel that you need to live your life in the shadows.

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