Friday, June 4, 2010

The Detroit TIgers game - the perfect pitch that wasn't


So my regular readers know that I love most sports, am crazy about NCAA basketball and then there is the exception of baseball. Two of my children played, but not having grown up in the US, I simply don't comprehend the game. I find it tedious, boring and with the exception of watching an occasional glimpse of the hot Derek Jeter from my one time former hometown of Kalamazoo Michigan, I really don't get into the game.

I was so happy to hear the story of the pitcher who took the moral high ground when he received an imperfect call from an umpire - he could have railed and raged and thrown the typical tantrum that we are used to seeing all too often in professional sports, but he chose instead to simply smile and take it in his stride.

What a teaching moment - parents, be sure to let your children be exposed to this moment.

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