Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meg Whitman and Nikki Haley - how remarkable women lead

I have been watching with great interest the Republican primaries in California and South Carolina. While I am a lifelong adult supporter of the Democrat party, since the days when I lived in England and watched my mother practically in tears when Jimmy Carter lost his re-election bid, I have identified with the party's beliefs and strategies to help average Americans live better lives.

I believe that we are going to experience a tremendous sea change this fall, as I indicated on the radio show that I recently began co-hosting, Shared Sacrifice, where this blog is linked. It will not necessarily matter what party affiliation one has, if one is an incumbent, one is going to have a difficult time getting re-elected in this present environment.

While we do not yet know who Meg Whitman will face, it will likely be Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ms. Whitman has shown grace, intelligence and incredible fortitude, while spending millions of dollars of her own fortune that she amassed whilst working as the former CEO of eBay. My California sources indicate that Ms. Whitman has not voted for over 20 years - I am sure she has her reasons for same - not that I am excusing such un-American behavior. I still applaud her for what she has managed to pull off.

Ms. Haley has already been the subject of racist jokes from one of her own Republican party - she has been called a rag head - a most derogatory term for individuals from India and other nations who wear head coverings. She is going to be the first female to run for Governor of South Carolina - add to that, the fact that she is a woman of color and we all have great cause to rejoice.

They have not let their sex stand in the way of shattering the glass ceiling.

Last evening, I posted on my Facebook page that I was having President's remorse - I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton might have been, in retrospect, the best candidate for the job. Given the vast and sweeping challenges that are facing our nation, Obama came to the job ill-prepared for the public outrage at a black man being our Commander in Chief - his record of public service, long though it was, makes him a neophyte when compared side-by-side with that of Mrs. Clinton.

Remarkable women are truly leading the way and thankfully making our country a better place for men, women and children. I have been watching reports from a group which coined the phrase: "How remarkable women lead" - they spotlight women throughout the world who are creating change where men have failed to do so.

I for one welcome the changes that are coming to politics - thanks Hillary. I love Girl Power!

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