Thursday, June 3, 2010

No pay hikes for NYC teachers - go Mike Bloomberg!

I was thrilled to see that some 4,000 teachers in NYC will have their jobs spared. Yesterday a late story online in the Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg has decided not to give pay raises across the board - and with union approval to boot - to NYC teachers.

My regular readers know that I was a political appointee for over 5 years whilst living in Utah. My boss, Rocky Anderson who is one of my most-admired politicians - was known for doing the right thing for the right reasons most of the time.

Mayor Bloomberg now gives me reason to applaud - finally - a politician in New York. I have been frustrated with the lack of leadership since Governor Paterson took office after Eliot Spitzer's stepping down. There is no political will to get our finances in order - we continue to spend beyond our means with no end in sight and it will only get worse.

We must all do our share in this economy for the good of our respective states and country - many of us are underemployed, unemployed or working part time in order to make ends meet these days - those in unions should recognize that they are not exempt from making much-needed sacrifices.

Thanks Mayor Bloomberg - I see why you won a third term. I am encouraged by your actions - may those in Albany take note - there are things we can do to win this war on the economy after all.

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