Thursday, January 17, 2008

HIPAA - who deserves privacy in America when it comes to their health no matter their age?

Recently, I sadly am reminded of the demise of the NYC public advocate Ms. Betsy Gotbaum’s daughter at the hands of “Public safety officers” in an Arizona airport, scared, frightened and alone after having a public meltdown on her way to a treatment facility for alcoholics.

This year, we see that Britney Spears is clearly another high profile woman in crisis, as evidenced by Dr. Phil’s recent intervention at the admonition of her family. She has lost custody of her children and her world is crumbling before her eyes.

While both women struggle(d) with Bi-polar/mental illness and addiction, respectively, they still maintain the fundamental right to privacy as do all Americans. Sadly, pictures of Ms. Spears are front page fodder on the tabloid-esque/gossip magazines all across the country.

Ms. Spears will have to walk that path alone, as did Ms. Gotbaum’s daughter – no amount of love and intervention from her family will do for her what only she can do for herself.
It is my hope that the American public will give her the privacy and respect that she desperately needs in order to face down those demons.

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