Friday, October 10, 2008

Barack Obama - the first black (?) president

Donna Brazille spoke eloquently of Barack's parentage earlier this week.

I am the mother of four amazing sons. I gave birth to each of them. They share genes with their Caucasian father. I could no more expect them to deny their father's race than to deny mine. They were raised for a time in Germany and then a couple of military towns - Lawton OK and Radcliff KY- their experiences are as varied as they are individuals. Each of them has grown up with varying degrees of racism.

Barack Obama was raised for most of his life by his mother and maternal grandparents - he did not live in the deep south, yet he is accused of being elitist - he worked hard and made it to Harvard Law school - again he is called elitist - he and his wife just recently paid off their school loans, due in part to the phenomenal success of his two books - again he is elitist - last time I checked, he lives in a stately home - just one - in an area that he represents as a senator.

Let's stop calling the race card - Obama is of mixed parentage - black and white and will be the first president of America with mixed parentage - according to today's standards - in Abe Lincoln's time - that was another story......something about one drop of blood. What would our forefathers say?

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