Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gays and lesbians and transgendered individuals - brave souls paving the way

I had occasion early in the week to sit with a couple at coffee hour at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - my church where I worship most Sundays. I had met this remarkable couple previously, but last week there was a glow about them - it seems that this couple who has been together some 21 years is FINALLY getting married! What a blessing to them and their families. They are both retired professionals and I would estimate that they are in their mid 50's to early 60's, but don't be fooled - they want marriage and they want it now! We made the announcement during coffee hour and there was a generous and genuine round of applause to salute the newly engaged couple.

Later in the week, I had drinks with Scott and his partner Mark - they shared with me that while they have been partnered for years, they actually got married on the first day that was legal for them in the great state of New York. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. All those hours on the phones at the SEIU building in Times Square, all those hang-up calls, all those "I support you, but I won't call my Senator" calls were worth it. Meeting Chelsea Clinton was of course, the icing on the cake, but knowing Scott, a former Senator from New York, formerly Republican, now a Democrat (at least, I think he still is) and brilliant litigating attorney and Mark, an amazing realtor and film genius are finally legally wed to one another makes me happy indeed.

And now to round out the story. Brooke and Gary were married last month in a beautiful wedding ceremony in a church in Utah - who'd have thought that a gay man would marry a transgendered woman in Utah? I have never met Brooke, but have spoken with her over the phone - she is an amazing woman, great mum wonderful cook and boy can she decorate a mean floral bouquet. Gary is a former Iraqi war vet and ours is a sweet and mutually respectful friendship.

Brown v. Board, Loving v Virginia, Prop 8, Don't ask, Don't tell.......we are making it slowly but surely.

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