Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new stamp honoring Mother Theresa

There is much ado about nothing these days at the United States Postal Service. It seems that there is a plan underway to produce a stamp honoring the aforementioned.

Mother Theresa, while a saint and a religious person - is along the likes of Gandhi and Dr. King - a humanitarian and philanthropist - one who spent her life ensuring that others were uplifted and did not suffer needlessly whenever she was able to.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that I am a staunch advocate of the ACLU, but this case is a no-brainer.

This is not a case of separation of church and state and we are not sliding down a slippery slope - there are many religious people, atheists and non believers who admire Mother Theresa for the life she lived and her efforts to end suffering.

Methinks that sometimes, groups protest too loudly - just for the sake of protesting - this is one of those times.

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