Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kristallnacht and the LDS Church continues to baptize Holocaust victims

I read the story on CNN on my mobile device earlier today.

Yet again, the LDS Church is being called to task for baptising Jews - specifically, Holocaust victims.

The practice of baptising for the dead is mentioned in the New Testament by Paul as an aside. The LDS faith believes that every mortal who has lived should have the opportunity to be baptised into the LDS religion in the event that they might change their minds about their chosen religion and want to be LDS in the life hereafter.

Apparently, talks between leaders of the Jewish faith here in the U.S. and Lance Wickham, an elder in the LDS Church broke down over the weekend. I fully understand that someone of the LDS faith with Jewish ancestors might want to give his ancestors the opportunity to be baptised into the faith, but to arbitrarily gather masses of names and submit them for proxy baptism at any one of the numerous LDS temples worldwide indicates a lack of respect for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

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