Friday, April 10, 2009

This I believe - Judith Warner Blog

As my regular readers know, I am on a spiritual journey. I have been for several years. Having been raised Episcopalian and attended parochial school, I left the Episcopal faith of my youth and I joined the Mormon faith at the tender age of 17 and left it after 23 years mostly over doctrinal issues surrounding the gay rights issue, women's equality and racism that continues to permeate parts of the church - read - Utah - after some 30 years of their being forced by the ACLU to accept blacks into full fellowship.

This year, I wanted to attend Passover services - the High Holidays - It is Holy Week and it seemed only fitting that I should be able to attend those services in addition to my own. At Congregation Kol Ami in Salt Lake City, I attended an interfaith service once and was so moved by the service, the beauty of the synagogue, the music and the general feeling of faith, spirituality and goodwill. I am in a new home now, and know enough about the Jewish faith to know that one doesn't just "show up" at High Holidays - one has to be a tither, which I am not - not to the Jewish faith at least.

I was encouraged to see that our President Obama held the FIRST ever - can you believe it? First ever Passover Seder dinner at the White house last evening. How many presidents have come and gone and missed the opportunity to speak volumes to their staff, the country, indeed the world - that we recognize that we live in a global world - a world where there are many religions.

I came across this blog post from Judith Warner this morning. She too has been on a spiritual journey - she is Jewish by heritage, attended a parochial Episcopal school for 9 years and celebrates Easter and Passover.

Please read the story - it is heartening to see that we are all on a journey, no matter our faith:

Happy Passover, Happy Easter. Shalom and God bless.

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