Monday, August 10, 2009

Why gay guys are churchier than their straight brethren

I read this interesting story online today and wanted to share it.

Some years ago, after cutting ties to the Mormon/LDS Church, I found myself with many gay friends primarily because of the advocacy and outreach work I had been doing as a board member at the local Pride Center, a member of a PAC, Equality Utah and lobbying efforts to protect gay marriage in the state of Utah. As I reflect back on those happy days, I realize that the reason I became so aligned with gays is because as a woman of color, I totally understand their feelings of disenfranchisement, particularly vis-a-vis religion.

I left the Mormon Church because I felt disenfranchised as a woman of color living in Utah and recognized that their treatment towards gays was not unlike their treatment of my race prior to the ACLU threatening to bring a lawsuit in the late 1970's, which resulted in their extending full membership to all blacks who wanted to join the Mormon Church.

Gays are inherently spiritual, just as all of us are - we are all God's children. The judgements and mistreatments that gays experience causes them to reach out spiritually to one another and to organized religion - I attended many religious services with my gay friends, including my first commitment ceremony - complete with music, candles, two pianos and a wonderful loving couple who professed their love and commitment to one another in the state of Utah, which did not even want to recognize their being, much less their love.

I am happy to share this article with you today and welcome your feedback.

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