Thursday, September 10, 2009

Customer service and a pair of Dutch clogs

I went to my local Best Buy recently. I was having a problem with my mobile phone that I purchased recently. It is a cute phone - cute and practical. Not as great as the IPhone, but it works for me - it is the Sanyo SCP 2700 and it is pink with flowers adorning it. I know, I know - but I can't help it - I am a girl.

Prior to going to the phone area, I went to the return counter where I returned a memory card that would not fit my phone - I had, unfortunately received bad information from another Best Buy store. The line was not particularly long, but the customers ahead of me had seemingly complex returns. I went to another associate to ask if we could possibly open up another register. They could not accomodate my request, but when I explained that I have a disability and cannot stand for prolonged periods of time due to the two herniated disks in my back, he immediately set about getting me a chair to rest my weary bones. Talk about customer service.

The person in line behind me was frustrated - she needed to be at the train station to pick up her sister - her name was Annette - named after Annette Funicello - her father had actually named her. It occurred to me that I did not know after whom I was named. I do know that my father had wanted me to be "Sandy" were I a boy, but I was his second daughter as fate would have it.

I felt so badly for the person in line, Annette - she was clearly not having a good day - we chatted briefly and her son sat in my now vacated chair - I reached into my bag after having asked her if she had ever been to Holland - she said she had, albeit only at the airport - but there nonetheless. I handed her a tiny pair of Delft clogs that I had purchased only that day at the tag sale at the Church in the Highlands.

We hugged and I felt good about myself - it was a small thing, but I would like to think that I made her day in a miniscule way.

Great customer service from Best Buy as usual - no wonder they are top in their field - and a new friend - not bad for a few minutes online.

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