Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama Aides Aim to Simplify and Scale Back Health Bills

This is the news I had been waiting for.

For almost two years, I have been sans insurance. I am one of 46 million Americans without same. Given that I have a few serious health concerns, including Bi-Polar disorder, my quandary about getting insurance becomes a larger dilemma with each passing day.

Next year, I will have exhausted my option to receive "charity care" through the amazing Westchester County Medical Center. This program allows me to see a doctor and get medicines filled once a month - all at no cost. The program has been scaled back significantly given the economy and I barely qualified for it this year, which is interesting, given that I work part time at a non profit, hence my salary could not possibly be that huge. I have just received word that my income is going to increase significantly and therefore will not be eligible for the "charity care" safety net next year. I am worried - very worried indeed.

If worse comes to worse and this healthcare bill does not pass (though after today's revelations, I suspect it will), I will be forced to quit school and go back to England or move to Canada where I can avail myself of their services as a British subject. What a sad state of affairs.

Obama has clearly seen the writing on the wall - he cannot trust congress and those who receive kickbacks from the drug manufacturers to have the best interests of the American public at heart. He is taking a personal role in this debate, when he wanted to stay above the proverbial fray.

I can't wait to see what he has to say. It will be 16 years since Bill Clinton gave his famous speech on healthcare, according to the NY Times article that I am referencing.

Change is coming to America - I welcome it!

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