Saturday, March 21, 2009

March madness - a woman's point of view

I love NCAA basketball. I live and breathe the game during March each year.

I was a one time assistant coach on one of my sons' basketball teams when we lived in Utah - Junior Jazz, they called the teams back them. Still do, as far as I know.

My love affair with basketball began with the one and only Rick Pitino - OMG - he is sizzlingly hot - as in GQ, mui caliente and anything else I can think of to describe this man with whom I have had a one-sided love affair for some two decades. We were living in Kentucky, where basketball is life - it is the only thing to live for - okay, okay - there is the Kentucky derby, horsebreeding and some other minor league sports, but NCAA basketball, specifically the rivalry between Pitino's now Louisville Cardinals and then Kentucky Wildcats. There was nothing else to do, but learn to love the game.

I would watch with my then husband and our three sons - we would schlep all over Kentucky as my husband coached church basketball teams - young men up until the age of 18 - he was still playing on adult leagues himself at the time, but we loved it! Saturdays were basketball days. We would pile into the car and drive from tournament to tournament.

When we did not have games to visit, we piled onto the bed in the master bedroom and watched NCAA games - it was a thrilling time!

Rick Pitino went on to coach the Knicks and Celtics and has done amazing things for basketball - indeed, he is the only NCAA coach to lead 3 different schools to the NCAA Final Four - all that and hotter than hell too!

Let's not stop there - we have the amazing GQ esque Pat Riley and a host of other NCAA and NBA coaches.

As I stated in my bio of this blog when I began blogging over a year ago - hot men are in abundance in New York, but hotter men are found all in one place during March Madness!

Long live basketball!

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