Saturday, March 21, 2009

The US Post Office - a few years behind the proverbial 8 ball

Why on earth has it taken so long for the powers that be to acknowledge that the US public has changed the way it does business?

Telephone companies have recognized that many of us no longer use land lines. With mobile phones and wireless Internet being the most commonly used forms of communication for voice and Internet, home phones are all but extinct.

Finally, the US Post Office is reviewing their pricing, Saturday deliveries, having employees opt for early retirement and closing some unnecessary facilities. We have all seen the writing on the wall for years now. What on earth took them so long at the US Post Office?

For far too long now, the Post Office has arbitrarily raised prices on stamps and other services, all without improving services except in minute instances - for too long, they have held the American public hostage with their lock on delivering the mail. Well, we have outsmarted them - we have figured out how to e-pay, phone-pay and block our junk mail - I am pleasantly surprised and truthfully, happy, when I hear my personal mail carrier in our office, comment at how the Post Office is going out of business. I won't miss the junk mail, the arbitrary price gouging, the union grievances and all that has come to symbolize the Post Office.

Good riddance to poor management on any level and in any organization, even if you THINK you have automony. There are lessons to be learned here for many.

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