Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's council on women and girls

It is hardly surprising that this forward thinking, raised by a single mother mostly and revered by his maternal grandmother who also helped to raise him for a few years - a man surrounded by Sasha and Malia and the wonderful Michele.....has come upon this amazing idea.

Women and girls have long been overlooked with regard to policy in this country - from discrepencies around birth control and other health care concerns to savage inequities in pay.

I am so proud of his nominating Kathleen Sibelius to be HHS and believe that she will do an outstanding job of representing women and girls and yes - even the often over-represented men of this country.

We women have taken a back seat for so very long - we have struggled with earning less than our cohorts, whether that be at a discount store or at the upper echelons of management - women have always earned considerably less than their peers - this is ending with the introduction of the equal pay legislation "Ledbetter act" that was passed shortly after Obama's swearing in as the new President in January.

What can we do? Read the article, of course : It can be found here in the NY Times magazine/blog Motherlode:

Yes, we have come a long way, but we have still further to go yet. We need to continue to hold our elected officials accountable when it comes to things like maternity leave, healthcare, work-life-balance, family planning options and the list goes on.

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