Friday, May 29, 2009

Bush defends interrogation program in Michigan speech

Former President Bush has been conspicuously absent and indeed silent of late. Particularly in light of the overexposure of his former 2nd in command, Cheney. It would appear that in preparation for the release of his new book, the former President is breaking his silence on tortute. He recently spoke at The Economic Club of Southwest Michigan - I lived in Michigan for 5 years - a Republican stronghold, for sure, but an economic club????? The stage was cleverly set, a Q&A without prescreened questions, but no unpredictable college students in the crowd, it appears.

It is time to restore the rule of law and discontinue waterboarding and other detrimental forms of tortute. I am inclined to agree with President Obama that perhaps we could get the same results with a different approach.

I continue to have respect for former President Bush, as he has maintained a level of gentlemanlike conduct and does not wish to speak ill of Obama. He is still in my mind, a good and decent person. He just picked the wrong people to trust - e.g. Cheney, Rumsfeld et al.....

Here is the link to the story - you be the judge:

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