Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scenarios: Which US States might legalize gay marriage next

After yesterday's crushing defeat, I have had time to regroup and believe that we allies will come back stronger than ever to a victory on Proposition 8 - we will take this back to the voters and do amazing grassroots advocacy and outreach and be sure that anyone who has an interest in equality and civil rights, clearly understand what this issue is about - fairness, equality and civil rights.

I am not generally given to the use of cursing when writing, but on this issue, my blood boils. Those ultra conservatives who have taken the gay marriage issue and turned it into a media circus and an issue about morals have hijacked the cause for which we allies are so desperately fighting. In my own version of a couple of quotes heard on this debate: "Focus on your own damn family, and I will stay the hell out of your church!"

This is not about my wanting to marry a woman of my choosing in your church - I am straight, after all - it is about my wanting to marry a woman of my choosing in a city hall, park, any venue, but by a minister who believes in being open and affirming, if I so choose, by a justice of the peace or anyone else who is recognized as being capable of performing the ordinance of marriage.

This is about fairness, equality, civil rights and doing what is right for the people of the great state of California and any other state in the Union that chooses to extend gay marriage.

The fight is far from over - and this article that posted on Reuters late last afternoon proves it - provocative reading for sure.

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