Sunday, September 14, 2008

Violence in schools

I spoke yesterday with a dear friend in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

It is every parent's nightmare to get a call that their child is in trouble at school, and worse yet, has been the victim of an assault.

This woman's sweet son was violently and brutally assaulted in front of several students on Friday afternoon. This took place in the cafeteria with a school safety officer present. Thank God he was able to intervene before things good too bad. The offending student is going to be suspended for 5 days - not expelled, merely offended for such an aggregious attack. My friend's son passed out from the blow that struck him in the back of the head - it seems that this offending student used a cafeteria tray to do his deed. He then dragged him across the floor while other students took pictures via mobile phones and then posted it on the Internet. The police detective told her that several phones had been confiscated. I wonder what stories those children are going to tell their parents in order to get their phones replaced......

She will be working with the administration to see about addressing the students having mobile phones at school. They are clearly not just being used for emergencies.

The sad thing is that this violent child has started down a path of destruction and will be allowed to be reinstated in school after 5 days with little disruption to his life. Fortunately, my friend's former husband is going to press charges.

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