Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clinton voters may stay home in November

After an agonizingly protracted primary, Senator Barack Obama has emerged the heir apparent and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared with him publicly in recent days to show her support.

Not so, say her former supporters - they are not switching teams. Today, A CNN poll indicates that an increasing number of Mrs. Clinton's supporters are going to stay home and - gasp - not vote.

What gives?

Allow me to elucidate on a conversation I had recently at a lovely wine tasting. I had mentioned to a woman, that I was enthusiastically going to throw my support behind Obama (had done months before - right as he announced his candidacy, as a matter of fact), and was preparing to spend lots of time working on his campaign. "But you're a woman!" My companion exclaimed, thoroughly chagrined. She is white, and I am of course, black. "You'd rather have another man than a woman?" She questioned. It was, of course, a moot point a few weeks ago once Obama had secured enough delegates to become the heir apparent and the presumed Democratic nominee on the Presidential ticket. I explained to her that while I would love to see a woman President, that Barack spoke more to me and those of my generation. I should have added that he voted AGAINST the war and with any luck, neither of my draft-aged 3 sons will have to fight in it.

Is this about race or is there something else going on? Democrats have failed to do what Republicans do well. They circle the wagons and will step down from the nomination pool - think Mitt Romney - if they think it is for the betterment of the party. I wish I could understand why thinking, intelligent women and men who supported Hillary would rather stay home and see McCain and his minions continue to decimate the working poor, middle class and disenfranchise the country even more. Who would throw their hard-earned vote away in such a manner. Are there any angry Hillary women out there who can shed light on this poll, please?

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