Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Independence Day - Change is coming

Will Smith is undeniably hot - as in sizzling, sexy hot. I loved him in Independence Day - one of the biggest holiday weekend blockbusters of all time. I loved how the movie made me feel - proud to be an American - proud of what we could do if we all pulled together.

And now to another more serious issue.

Rwanda, Darfur and now Zimbabwe. I dined with my dear friend, Blaine and his partner Scott recently. Blaine was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I cannot begin to imagine how heartsick he must be at the events as they unfolded in his homeland in recent weeks. Where is the international community? Where is the outcry as women and men are torn limb from limb because they affiliate with the wrong party? Why did the UN Security Council wait so long to express their "concern"? Why did Doctor Condoleeza Rice, one of my most-admired women - wait so long to "strongly" condemn the killings?

I spoke with a Senegalese man recently and asked his opinion - it is too sad to even write about. Suffice it to say, we are both hopeful that with the Obama administration, God willing, foreign policy towards Africa will change. This continent and her 70 countries is beautiful, rich, steeped in heritage, culture, spirituality and history - for too long she has been raped, murdered, taken advantage of.

I will continue to pray for Obama and his family - a change is sweeping the country. I welcome the change.

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