Monday, July 14, 2008

Enough! BET, MTV Hurt Our Children

It appears that a group of concerned black parents are concerned with the trash that has been spewing over the airwaves of BET and MTV for decades. I struggled with monitoring my children and tried valiantly to keep them away from the influences of gangsta rap, suggestive clothing and base lyrics. Tipper Gore tried in her own way and was successful in getting labels on CD covers to warn parents of what their children would potentially be listening to.

I have one son who is a rapper, and is particularly fond of gangsta rap - another likes rap and R & B. They both watched BET during their teen years. Looking back, I should probably have forgone CNN and other educational news stations and said simply no to cable TV in our home. The problem is they have friends and other places to access this nefarious noise that passes for music.

I do not envy the parents who are calling for MTV and BET to clean up their acts. We as a people have for too long been stereotyped by the media.

Enough is enough.

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