Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sharpton defends Jesse Jackson mistake

"We all make mistakes, we all have erred." "But we should not throw away everything when we err, and to say that Rev. Jackson made a mistake is correct, but to act like Rev. Jesse Jackson is not pivotal to our movement, our history ... is wrong."

I wondered why the usually loud-mouthed Reverend Sharpton was so uncharacteristically quiet on this issue.......his dear friend was being slaughtered in the media and not word one?

And now we see........he thinks that we are of the opinion that Reverend Jesse Jackson's behavior negates his work in our movement - not so, Reverend Sharpton. I cannot imagine a black person in America who does not recognize the amazing work that these men have done on our behalf. However, I can imagine a world where the green-eyed monster does not have to rear its ugly head and act like a crab in a barrel - desperately trying to reach the top, only to claw down its brothers in its efforts.

Reverend Jesse Jackson is perhaps realizing that his time has come and gone, hence his petulant and grossly inappropriate outburst.

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