Sunday, December 7, 2008

Does religion cause violence?

I saw this article in the LoHud newspaper yesterday. Here is a link to the story: Please take time to read the story - it is thought-provoking.

Years ago while still living in London, I left my church because of the "troubles" in Ireland - that would be the was between Catholics and Protestants - later on, while living in Germany, I became disgusted over the conflict in the Middle East and stayed away from religion even longer.

I am now what I call spiritual, not religious - I love being a spiritual person - I love reading the scriptures, attending services, praying, singing hymns and everything about being spiritual. I am not a religious person - while I attend Episcopal services, I am not calling myself Episcopal. I attend service at a Baptist Church in Harlem, pray most days in a UCC Church and find myself to be a better person because of it.

The recent attacks in Mumbai have led people to have the discussion over religious extremists - in this case, they are perhaps Islamic fundamentalists, but could just as easily be from another denomination of any of the world's religions.

I abhor violence in any manner. I cannot imagine why anyone would commit heinous acts of violence in the name of God, Allah or any other name under which one calls their higher power.

The Mumbai attacks were reprehensible, abhorrent and caused the loss of life - worst of all. I pray that those responsible will be found and brought to justice. I think that the God whom I know and love would be sad to see his name being used to wreak havoc on any of his children.

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