Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plaxico Burris, the New York Giants, Mayor Bloomberg and the hippocratic oath

Mayor Bloomberg is outraged at the unfolding events outlining what led to the "accidental" shooting by Plaxico Burris, NY Giants player at a Manhattan nightclub over the weekend. He thinks that Burris should be locked up - that is exactly what would happen to you and I, were we to be in the same situation.

Not only was Mr. Burris carrying a concealed weapon in a nightclub, the permit for said weapon was not valid in NY, rather in Florida.

The injury he sustained came allegedly by his own hand, as he shot himself in the thigh after accidentally discharging his weapon that was tucked into his waistband. If I hadn't seen it on several news channels, I would not have believed that this story is credible. It is amazing how much these NYers love their sports - it was the lead story on many news channels.

To add insult to injury, when Mr. Burris finally checked into a NY hospital, his wound was not reported to the authorities - methinks that the healthcare worker has not only been suspended, but should read the hippocratic oath - whether a doctor or not, the oath is there to protect patients from harm. Great harm has been done to Mr. Burris by not allowing him the benefit of reporting appropriately to the authorities just what happened in that nightclub with the gun.

He has now been suspended from the Giants for the rest of the season.

Do I really care about this? Not particularly - it would appear that Mr. Burris has a penchant for drama, having been at least twice fined and or suspended from games for altercations with referees and the like.

I do, however have a remarkable young man in my family of whom I am particularly proud. He plans to attend Western Michigan University on a football scholarship. I am planning to have a serious conversation with him (again) about the many unfortunate trappings of jockland, as I fondly refer to it. He will need to understand that he is not above doing homework, participating in non sports related events at school, volunteering in his community, and above all, not acting like an overgrown adolescent while others are watching.

It is time for us to restore balance to our country and stop idolizing sports stars and paying them huge salaries for their talent. They are mere mortals with amazing gifts - they are not gods - they are humans with weaknesses and foibles - let us not forget that.

And lest we forget - suspension from games does not necessarily indicate that Burris will forfeit his mega-million dollar salary in the meantime.

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Accounting Journal said...

I think that definitely Burris should have to abide by the law. I dont think jail time is the appropriate remedy for the crime considering it all and all. However, a fine should deter him and rehabilitate him. I believe as an public figure he is more so entitled to have protection. People watch him and on an on in that direction. However, if he misused his weapon in any form outside of responsible protection then he should be charge and have aright to a fair trial.