Sunday, December 7, 2008

Standoff continues in Chicago factory

I read this story with interest.

I have attended many protest hearings, protests, marches and the like in my lifetime - I love the concept and practice of civil disobedience.

According to the news reports, in Illinois, a factory of the size in question needs to provide workers with 75 days' notice in the event of a closure. The workers received 3 days' notice. That means no job, no health insurance, no accrued vacation time being paid out - nothing.

The loan on the factory is held by Bank of America - one of the largest banks in the country - I hope that with the pressure being brought to bear by other unions who are now involved, that something will give - appropriate notice will be given to workers and that monies be found to provide COBRA benefits.

More signs of the times.

Roll on January 20th. I am already excited at President Elect Obama's plan to get more jobs in America - these people need hope - if they can get blue collar jobs in the new plan, even better.

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