Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A father's anguish

It began as any other ordinary day. I am sure that he kissed his family good bye and expected to see them at the end of a hectic day at his office in California.

On December 8th, an F-18 fighter jet crashed into his home in San Diego. Some F A/18's had been taken out of the sky due to mechanical problems. Would that this plane had not been in the air. Fortunately, the pilot was able to eject safely. That might not be as fortunate in the long run - I am sure that ambulance chasers are considering lawsuits against the pilot and/or the military, and he will have to live with killing 4 innocent civilians, two children, a mother and a grandmother.

I saw the father on the CBS morning show today and he could barely walk. I was struck by his palpable grief and anguish. He was being comforted and almost held upright by his pastor and other friends. Pastors are on call 24/7 and 365 days a year. They are available to assist congregants with their temporal and spiritual needs. I cannot imagine what that was like for the pastor to get the phone call from his parishioner.

My prayers are with this man through this awful and life changing experience. His faith is strong - he knows that his family members are in Heaven - I wonder what comfort that is to him as he misses them every day for the rest of his life.


Jude said...

Living in the San Diego area this terrible tragedy is the main story on the news. The pilot did everything he could have done to try to get the jet into a safe clearing which was just beyond the houses. With both engines shut off, he was only 25 feet off the ground when he safely ejected. This is such a sad time here but even with the loss of his Wife, two babies and Step Mother, the Father was still able to heartfully say, pray for the pilot.

Annette James Daley said...


Thanks for sharing your heartfelt comments. Unfortunately, the news stories that I referenced in my post did not mention that the father was able to pray for the pilot - what a magnanamous individual.

I was in San Diego years ago - it is a beautiful part of the country. I am also a former army wife, so I know something of planes and their failings. The pilot seems to have committed heroic acts to spare as much human life as possible.

My prayers go out, again, to those who have lost life and property.