Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proposition 8 and Loving vs. Virginia - Equality means everyone

My heart is heavy lately. Part of it sings at the election of our remarkable 44th president - Barack Obama. The other part mourns for my gay brothers and sisters who continue to be treated like second class citizens.

The California supreme court is going to hear proposition 8 challenges and the United Church of Christ has joined others in a lawsuit to receive redress for what they believe to be an unconstitutional action. Here is a link to the story: - you can also link to the UCC website at

Many of you know that my children are bi-racial - for 15 years I was married to their father, a man whom I loved deeply who is also gay. We divorced when his sexual orientation became known to me. Note that I use the words sexual orientation, not preference. Straight people take for granted that we are opposite sex attracted, and not same sex attracted - we must choose our words carefully when speaking of this important issue.

Ironically, our marriage would not have been permitted in many states in the nation some 41 years ago, prior to the supreme court decision in Loving vs. Virginia.

We have come so very far with civil rights and yet our gay brothers and sisters are required to take a seat at the back of the bus. No marriage, no domestic partner benefits, no tax breaks, etc, etc, etc.

Let us continue to pray for a resolution to this situation - a fair and equitable one, where none feel threatened (except those bigots who would be threatened over something else, were it not for this). Let us continue to implore our elected officials to be mindful of gay rights and remember that equality is for everyone - it is not a choice, but a right. Equality means everyone - when one person is marginalized, we all are.

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